Order of the Phoenix

  • Film Five begins when Harry wanders off and bumps into:

Dudley and his Gang

  • They pick on Harry, who pulls out his wand and threatens Dudley. It begins to rain. On the way back home they are attacked by:

Dementors in Little Whinging

  • Harry uses his Patronus Charm to fight them off. He returns home to find he’s been expelled from Hogwarts for using magic. A second Owl appears to tell him to stay put:

The Order of the Phoenix shows up to escort Harry to their headquarters.

  • They fly on broomstick through London and arrive at:

Sirius's home: 12 Grimmauld Place - only visible to those invited by Dumbledore

  • Inside Harry is reunited with:

His Godfather, Sirius

  • Harry learns that the Ministry is using his expulsion to try and discredit him and Dumbledore. They don’t want to accept that Voldemort has returned. Harry’s trial soon approaches:

Dumbledore speaks at Harry's defense

  • Harry is found innocent and returns to Hogwarts where he meets:

Luna Lovegood - and a creature only Harry and her can see

  • At Hogwarts, Harry finds a new Dark Arts teacher has been appointed by the Ministry:

Dolores Umbridge

  • At their first class she instructs the students to put their wands away:

They will only be learning magical theory this year

  • Harry asks what good theory will do against Lord Voldemort. He is given a quite brutal detention:

Writing Lines

  • Harry begins to have nightmares of a long corridor with a black door:
  • Umbridge is given more authority at Hogwarts. She begins instituting Educational decrees:
  • Umbridge begins sacking teachers, starting with:

Divinations Teacher Professor Trelawney is Sacked

  • Fearing he might not be at the school much longer, Hagrid introduces Harry and Co to:

Hagrid's Giant Half Brother Grawp

  • In order to combat Umbridge, Harry and Co. form their own Dark Arts class, taught by Harry:

Dumbledore's Army in the Room of Requirement - a room that appears to those in need equipped with basically anything.

  • Harry’s recurring dreams get worse and worse. At Christmastime, he sees himself as a snake attacking:

Mr. Weasley attacked by Nagini

  • Harry warns Dumbledore in time. He learns that his dreams are actually visions into Voldemort’s mind. Dumbledore has Harry take lessons to block out the Dark Lord with:

Occlumency Lessons with Snape - Harry fears Snape is making it easier, not harder for Voldemort

  • It is announced that:

There is a breakout at Azkaban - including Bellatrix LeStrange - in jail for torturing Neville's parents to insanity

  • Back at the D.A. lessons, Harry has Cho stay after class:

Extra Credit?

  • But not long after, Umbridge catches on and finds their secret meeting place:

  • She takes Harry to Dumbledore, who feigns full responsibility for Harry’s actions:

The minister shows up to arrest Dumbledore, who has no intention of going quietly

  • Dumbledore is replaced as Headmaster by:
  • Harry’s has a vision of Sirius trapped at the ministry being tortured by Voldemort. The Weasley twins offer a distraction while Harry checks on Sirius:

The Weasleys unleash havoc on Umbridge and the school

Feeling their talents lie outside academia, the Weasleys set off to open their own joke shop

  • Harry sneaks into Umbridge’s office to contact the Order, but is caught by Umbridge:

Umbridge, thinking they were trying to contact Dumbledore, threatens Harry and Co. with torture.

  • Hermione thinks on her feet and offers to lead Umbridge to Dumbledore’s “secret weapon”:

Hermione leads Umbridge to the forbidden forrest, where she is carried off by Centaurs.

  • Harry and Hermione are rejoined by Neville, Luna and Ron, who set off to the Ministry to save Sirius:

They fly on Thestrals - creatures visibile only to those who have seen death.

  • At the Ministry, they find the long corridor from Harry’s dreams, which leads to:

The Hall of Prophecies

  • They find a prophecy with Harry’s name on it:
  • Which is exactly when the Death Eaters show up and demand he turn it over:

Lucius Malfoy

  • The vision of Sirius was a trap to lure Potter to the Prophecy. A battle ensues:
  • Harry and Co. escape to a room with:

Stone Dais and Veil - Harry and Luna hear voices from beyond

  • They are joined by the Order who fight the Death Eaters:

The Order Battle in the Veil Room

The Prophecy is Smashed

Bellatrix LeStrange, Sirius's Cousin, hits him with a spell-

Sirius is blasted backwards into the veil and killed.

  • Harry chases after Bellatrix and encounters:
  • But then Dumbledore shows up. Cue epic wizard battle:

Nose envy

  • Nearing defeat. Voldemort posseses Harry:

Voldemort tells Dumbledore to sacrifice Harry to destroy him

  • But Voldemort cannot inhabit Harry’s body for long, and is cast out, just in time to be seen by Cornelius Fudge:

He's Back!

  • Dumbledore is re-instated as Headmaster:

Dumbledore explains it all.

  • The prophecy, which was told to Dumbledore, overheard by Snape, and prophesized by Professor Trelawny states: “neither can live while the other survives”
  • Not a huge surprise to the audience, but Harry now knows that it has to be him to defeat Voldemort.
  • The End.

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