Half Blood Prince

  • At the start of Film Six, Harry is hitting on a Muggle in a coffee shop when:

Cockblocked by Dumbledore

  • Harry notices Dumbledore’s hand is withered and rotting:

"It's a thrilling tale" and I'll tell you one day.

  • Dumbledore takes Harry to see:

Horace Slughorn - Dumbledore uses Harry's presence to persuade Slughorn to teach at Hogwarts

  • Meanwhile, at Snape’s home, Bellatrix LeStrange and Dracos mother arrive. Draco has been given a task by Voldemort, and his mother wants Snape to promise to help him:

Snape makes the Unbreakable Vow to assist Draco in his task

  • Harry arrives at Hogwarts, where he finds Slughorn is not teaching Dark Arts, but Potions. Dark Arts is instead being taught by:

Severus Snape - who has long lobbied for the position and long been denied by Dumbledore for fear that it would "bring back his old ways"

  • At Potions Class, Harry borrows a used book from the cupboard:
  • Inscribed inside is:
  • Using the notes scrawled in the margins, Harry out performs every student in the class:

Including Hermione

  • And for his great work is rewarded with:

Felix Felicis - Liquid Luck

  • Meanwhile Draco refuses help from Snape and begins to repair:

A Vanishing Cabinet, Locked in the Room of Requirement

  • Harry takes special lessons with Dumbledore – lessons that delve into Dumbledore’s memories of:

Lord Voldemort as a boy

  • On the way back from Hogsmeade, Harry and Co. discover:

Katie Bell is possessed and touches a cursed necklace intended for Dumbledore

  •  Slughorn takes a special interest in Harry, forming his Slug Club of students with well-to-do connections or talents:

Slughorn likes to "collect" famous students

  • Voldemort was once a prize student of Slughorns. Dumbledore shows Harry one of Slughorns memories:

Voldemort asks Slughorn about Horcruxes - the memory is altered by Slughorn to show him sending Voldemort away

  • Dumbledore tasks Harry with getting the correct memory from Slughorn:

After bringing up Horcruxes, Slughorn begins to avoid Harry at all costs

  • Harry continues to excel at Potions, thanks to the Half Blood Prince’s book. He begins to suspect it belonged to his mother, Slughorn’s favourite student:

A young Lily Potter in the Slug Club

  • Ron gets busy with Lavender Brown:

Fresh off a Quidditch victory

Hermione doesn't take it so well

  • Harry gets close with Ron’s sister Ginny:
  • Draco, unable to fix the Vanishing Cabinet and fearing for reprisal from the dark Lord:

Harry finds Draco crying in the bathroom

  • Draco attacks Harry, who uses a curse he found scrawled in the Potions book:

Sectumsempera - Harry nearly disembowels Draco

  • Snape arrives in time to save Draco. Snape seems impressed that Harry knew such Dark Magic. Ginny convinces Harry to get rid of the book:

Ginny helps Harry hide the book in the Room of Requirement - then jumps his wand

  • Harry, desperate to get the memory from Slughorn, takes the Felix Felicis. He then follows Slughorn to:

Hagrid's dead spider!

  • Always the opportunist, Slughorn extracts priceless spider venom from the corpse. Then Hagrid and Slughorn get rip-roaring drunk after the funeral:

Harry convinces Slughorn to give him the memory, imploring that if he doesn't, Lily would have died for nothing

  • Harry takes the memory back to Dumbledore:

Dumbledore and Harry watch Slughorn's memory

  • Harry learns that a Horcrux can be any item in which a portion of a wizards soul is kept, thus rendering them immortal as long as the item is intact. They learn that Voldemort made seven. Dumbledore reveals he has already destroyed one:

The Second Horcrux - A ring that belonged to Voldemort. The curse inside the ring destroyed Dumbledores hand

  • Dumbledore tells Harry that Harry destroyed the first one:

The First Horcrux - Tom Riddle's Diary, destroyed by Harry in the Chamber of Secrets

  • Dumbledore believes he knows where the next one is – and asks Harry to accompany him:

The Cliffside near Tom Riddle's childhood Orphanage. Dumbledore tells Harry that he must obey every command, even if it means leaving Dumbledore to die

  • They enter a cave, where they discover:

A locket in a pool of water - they cannot touch the locket, but they can drink the water

  • Dumbledore drinks the water and is driven near mad. Harry picks up the locket:
  • Dumbledore, weakened, becomes unbearably thirsty, and rushes to the water below to drink. This spawns a horde of:

Harry tries to fight off the Inferi

Dumbledore summons his strength and saves them both

  • Harry and Dumbledore rush back to Hogwarts to find:

The Dark Mark has been cast over the school

  • Landing on the astronomy tower, Dumbledore sends word for Snape. He instructs Harry to hide. Then Dumbledore encounters:

Draco has fixed the Vanishing Cabinet and teleported Death Eaters into the school

  • Draco disarms Dumbledore. He tells him he is under orders from Voldemort to kill him – that he has been trying and failing all year.
  • Dumbledore tells Draco that he knew this, and that he was beginning to think his heart wasn’t in it. They are met on the rooftop by:

The Death Eaters surround Dumbledore

  • Dumbledore greets them all cordially. Then, Harry, hidden below, encounters:

Harry lets Snape pass

  • Snape joins the Death Eaters on the roof. For the first time, Dumbledore appears scared. He pleads with Snape:

Severus, Please

  • Snape casts the Avada Kedavara:
  • Dumbledore is blasted from the tower, dead.
  • The Death Eaters flee, Harry chases after him. He encounters Snape:

Snape refuses to fight Harry, he tells the Death Eaters that Potter must be left for the Dark Lord

  • Snape reveals that he is the Half Blood Prince. The Death Eaters flee.
  • The school mourns the death of Dumbledore. Harry tells Ron and Hermione that he intends to drop out of school to hunt for Horcruxes:

Ron and Hermione tell Harry that they are joining him.

  • The end.

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