Prisoner of Azkaban

  • When we next meet Harry, he’s having some anger control issues with his step Aunt Marge:

Harry, quite literally, blows up his Aunt.

  • Fearing expulsion, Harry runs away from home. Not far from his house, he sees a black dog staring at him through the bushes. Startled, he pulls out his wand only to find:

Harry accidentally summons the Knight Bus - wizard public transportation.

  • The Knight Bus takes him to Diagon Alley, where he runs into:

The Minister for Magic himself - Cornelius Fudge

  • Fudge is surprisingly lenient to Harry – not caring at all that he broke magical law. It is here that Harry discovers that:

Mass Murder Sirus Black has escaped prison.

  • At the Leaky Cauldron, Harry runs into the Weasely’s. Arthur pulls harry aside:

Arthur Weasley warns Harry "not to go looking for Black"

  • Aboard the Hogwarts express, Harry, Ron and Hermione share their train car with a shabby wizard who is fast asleep:

  • Suddenly, everything goes dark and cold and Harry sees:

Dementors searching for Sirius Black on the Train

  • Harry starts to pass out, when the wizard in the corner wakes bolt upright and wards the Dementor off with a blast of blue light:

Professor Remus J. Lupin

  • At Hogwarts, everyone is quick to tease Harry for fainting on the train. Harry makes it to his first Care of Magical Creatures lesson to see a friendly face teaching:

Professor Hagrid

  • The lesson starts off with:

Harry flying with Buckbeak, the Hippogriff

  • But the lesson is brought to an abrupt halt when Malfoy taunts the Hippogriff:
  • In Harry’s first lesson with Lupin – the students face off against a Boggart – a creature that takes the form of whatever they fear the most:

The only way to defeat a Boggart is by turning it into something silly

  •  Harry’s Boggart takes the form of a Dementor, and Lupin jumps in the way before Harry can faint again:

Lupin's Boggart

  • With Dementors encircling the school searching for Black, Harry asks Lupin to help him ward them off to avoid fainting:

Lupin explains that the Dementors affect him more than anyone else because he has true terrors in his past

  • Lupin begins to teach Harry a spell called the Patronus:

Expecto Patronum

  • The school is set to go on a field trip to the neighboring Hogsmeade, but Harry, lacking signed permission from his uncle, is forced to stay behind. He tries to sneak off anyway, but is caught by:

The Weasley Twins

The Weasley Twins give Harry the Mauraders Map - a map to the entire grounds showing where everyone is.

  • Harry sneaks out under his invisibility cloak and goes to:

Hogsmeade Village

  • It is there he overhears from Fudge, the story of how Sirius Black, his Godfather, betrayed his parents and killed their friend Peter Pettigrew:

Fudge recounts how all they found left of Peter was his finger.

  • Harry vows to find Black and kill him.
  • Back at Hogwarts, Hagrid tells Harry and co. that Buckbeak is set for execution:
  • Later that night, looking at the Marauders map, Harry sees the name of Peter Pettigrew, he leaves his bed to investigate, where he runs into Snape:

Lupin Saves Harry from trouble and confiscates the map

  • On the day of the execution, Harry and co. travel to Hagrids hut to console him. From above they witness the executioner swing down the axe:
  • At that very moment, Ron’s pet rat Scabbers becomes startled. He bites Ron’s hand and runs away. Harry and co. chase Scabbers until they encounter:

The same black dog Harry saw in the beginning

  • The dog goes after the rat and chases it right under:

The Whomping Willow - Harry and Co. follow the dog and rat below

  •  They catch up with Scabbers and find themselves inside:

The Shrieking Shack - Hogsmeade's most haunted house

  • They stare up, not at the black dog, but at:
  • Sirius Black threatens Ron to get out of of the way so he can “kill him”.
  • At that moment, the door bursts open, knocking Sirius to the floor. In rushes:

Remus Lupin - who helps Sirius to his feet

  • It is revealed that Lupin is a Werewolf, and he is here to help Sirius commit the murder he intended to commit years ago:

Lupin and Sirius both turn - not on Harry, but on Ron

  • Lupin explains that Sirius was framed, and that Peter Pettigrew was the one who betrayed Harry’s parents. Peter Pettigrew, who is in the very room:

Scabbers transforms into Peter

  • At that moment, in rushes Snape:

Snape threatens to take Sirius to the Dementors

  • Harry and co. knock Snape unconsious and escape only to discover that:

Lupin forgot to take his potion

  • They escape with Sirius, but are cornered by:

Dementors who begin to suck out Harry and Sirius's souls

  • Nearing death, Sirius and Harry are saved by a Patronus:
  • However, Sirius is captured and set for execution. Harry and Hermione run into:

Dumbledore (who now looks like Michael Gambon) tells Hermione that two innocent lives can be saved

  •  Hermione reveals she’s been getting to her classes all year by using:

A Timeturner

  • They travel into the past and free Buckbeak:

The Executioner, depraved of a kill, takes his anger out on a pumkin

  • They then follow their own tracks (while a lot of cool time-travelly stuff happens) until Harry finds his past self dying at the hands of the Dementors. Convinced he was saved by his father, he waits for rescue, but no one comes. Harry realizes that it has to be him to save his past self:


  • Harry flies on Buckbeak to Sirius and frees him. Thus saving two innocent lives. Then, this otherwise perfect Potter film ends with:

Freeze Frame Ending - Harry gets a new broom.


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