Philosophers Stone

The series starts with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Scorcerer’s Stone if you’re American and think the word Philosopher makes it sound like something boring that you don’t want to read)

  • Harry Potter lives here:
  • With these people:
  • Harry Potter is a wizard.
  • Hagrid takes Harry to get school supplies here:
  • And they stop off at Gringotts Bank, where Harry sees Hagrid pick up this:
  • Harry goes to school here:
  • And Meets these people:

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (my future wife on the left..)

  •  He also meets this guy:

Draco Malfoy

  • Who steals this guys little red orb during broomstick flying lessons:

Neville Longbottom and his Remembrall

  • Harry chases after the Remembrall and catches it in mid-air. Instead of getting in trouble, he’s made “Seeker” on the his Quidditch Team:

The only position on the team that matters. The Seeker gets 150 points for catching this "Golden Snitch", thus nullifying anything else that happens in the game.

  • Later, on the way to classes, Harry, Ron and Hermione get lost and encounter this behind a door:

Fluffy - Hagrid's friendly neighborhood three-headed dog.

  • At Harry’s first Quidditch game, his broom goes haywire, and Hermione spots Harry’s least favourite teacher muttering incantations in the stands:

Severus Snape

  • Hermione sets fire to Snapes’ robes, and Harry regains control of the broom, he catches the Golden Snitch, not in his hands, but instead nearly swallows it. Gryffindor wins the game:

The Golden Snitch

  • At Halloween, Harry’s stuttering Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher bursts into the Great Hall, stuttering that there is a Troll in the Dungeons:


  • Harry and Co. suspect Snape of letting the Troll in as a distraction to get what’s behind the three headed dog.
  • On detention with Malfoy, Harry and Co. are sent into this place:

Forbidden Forrest

  • Where they see this:

Voldemort Eating a Unicorn

Dead Unicorn

  • Harry and Co. believe that Voldemort is after the Philosopher’s Stone, an elixir that grants immortality. They suspect Snape is helping him get it:

Snape Threatening Quirell to Join His Side

  • Dumbledore is mysteriously called away. Harry and Co. believe this is Snapes moment to steal the stone, so they set out to get to it first:

Wizard Chess Set

  • Working their way through all of the traps the teachers set up to protect the stone, Harry makes it to the central chamber where he discovers not Snape, but:

Stuttering Professor Quirrell

  • Harry hears the voice of Voldemort, and Quirrell pulls off his turban to reveal:

Voldemort's Head on the back of Quirrell's

  • Harry looks into the Mirror Dubledore set up and feels the stone drop into his pocket. Voldemort attacks:
  • But Voldemort finds out that Harry’s touch is fatal to him, and Quirrell turns to ash:

  • Harry passes out and wakes up to find:

Dumbledore Explains it All

  • Dumbledore explains to Harry that when his mother died to save him, she gave him a powerful magical protection that will make Voldemort unable to bring him harm. Dumbledore awards Gryffindor a billion points and everyone rejoices:

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